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    • Gary Grande
    • Senior Consultant
    • Gary can assist with inquiries regarding:
      • Pilot brewing
      • Technical Consulting
      • Contract Research
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    • Lucie Castonguay
    • Microbiology Services Manager
    • Lucie can assist with technical inquiries regarding:
      • Liquid Yeasts
      • Yeast Services
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Consultancy Services

Pilot Brewing

The Siebel Institute Consultancy Services division offers a pilot brewing service that allows us to conduct a complete range of tests for any level of brewing operation.
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Siebel Institute consultants blend decades of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging trends and technologies, creating one of the best consultancy teams in the world.
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Brewery Planning
Evaluation Service

Our Siebel Institute Consultancy Services Division receives a lot of inquiries from entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional opinion regarding the viability of their brewpub or microbrewery project as well as an assessment of their preparedness for planning, opening and operating their new business.
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Yeast Services

Yeast Maintenance and
Evaluation Services

The Siebel Institute of Technology has been in the brewing yeast business since 1872, providing a full range of yeast banking & maintenance services to some of the greatest names in North American brewing. Now, with our expanded Microbiological Services division in Montreal (Canada), we are pleased to offer the industry’s most advanced yeast management & evaluation services.
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Yeast Genetic

While many of our advanced Microbiological Services use cutting-edge analytical technologies employed by some of the world’s largest breweries, their applications can be utilized by breweries and brewing-related companies of every size. Our DNA fingerprinting and rapid analysis services can give you critical information about your yeast, improving your understanding of its characteristics, performance and purity.
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Analytical Services


In conjunction with White Labs, Siebel Institute Laboratory Services offers the industry’s most complete range of brewing- related tests. Our tests are conducted using the strictest standards employing methods prescribed by groups like the American Society of Brewing Chemists and AOAC. We strive to conduct tests and deliver results as promptly as possible, providing our customers with information that is both timely and accurate.
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