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A new online educational offering! The WBA Specialized Lectures cover a multitude of specific topics on all processes of beer production.
  • 60+ fully narrated lectures
  • Ranging from 20 to 90 minutes each
  • 10 days of lecture access, beginning immediately upon purchase
  • A content expert available to answer questions during the access time
The uniqueness of the WBA Specialized Lectures make them perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge in a particular area, or business owners wanting to provide education to their workforce.
Hop Addition: "Hot Side" Brewhouse

This is the second installment of a three-part "Speaker Series". Here Matt Brynildson, Brewmaster at Firestone...

Brewery Hazards Brewhouse

Safety should be a critical part of the work culture at your brewery, whether you are the owner, the brewer, o...

Milling Brewhouse

This lecture covers the critical aspects of the milling process: its purpose, the overall grain handling opera...

Wort Separation – Lautering Brewhouse

You have patiently went through the mashing process, and have achieved the desire spectrum of carbohydrates, a...

Mash Filters Brewhouse

Wort separation is a very important step of the brewing process. Although lauter tun is the most common vessel...

Wort Boiling Brewhouse

It seems like every stone carving of ancient brewing has the Brewer with their concoction sitting on top of a...

Brewing Calculations: Mixing Formula Brewhouse

This lecture demonstrates and teaches the use of the mixing formula (a fairly simple algebraic formula) in man...

Recipe Formulation Brewhouse

The reality is that a full course can be designed for recipe formulation alone. This presentation however is a...

Brewery Waste: Liquid and Solid Effluents Brewhouse

As a brewer, the brewing of a high quality, great tasting beer has always been a high priority. However, when...

Brewhouse Cleaning and Sanitation Brewhouse

Are you a brewer? Sorry to disappoint you, but you are in reality a "glorified janitor". Yes indeed, get used...

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